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Rubber roll

What is a rubber roll?

Generally, it is cylindrical form coated with rubber elasticity externally and is a roll to be able to unroll rubber material combined for each purpose of application.

rubber roll

Rubber materials

  1. Natural rubber ・・・ (NR)
  2. Synthetic rubber ・・・ (SBR, similar in composition to natural rubber)
  3. Chloroprene rubber・・・ (CR)
  4. Nitrile rubber ・・・ (NBR)
  5. Butyl rubber ・・・ (IIR)
  6. Ethylene-propylene rubber ・・・ (EPT)
  7. Hypalon rubber ・・・ (CSM)
  8. Fluoro rubber ・・・ (F)
  9. Silicon rubber ・・・ (Si)
  10. Urethane rubber ・・・ (U) etc.


Various uses for conveying, chemical resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, nonadhesion resistance, antistatic, ozone resistance, solvent resistance, and for lubrication

Special process specification

Mounting teflon tube Direct coating Improving adhesion Grooving Surface roughness Improving surface roughness Laser engraving Removal of crease/deformation

Our company’s original measuring and testing system

External diameter measurement Slide caliper, gear tooth micrometer, external diameter measuring device for rolls by unique technology, Mitsutoyo laser measuring device, Keyence laser displacement meter
Rubber hardness Teclock JISA rubber hardness tester
External diameter surface roughness Omron/Keyence high performance image processing system (2 units), PC processing system by high performance CCD camera
Face length Measuring tape, laser measuring device
Application of pressure Measured by our original designed roll pressure testing machine (effective breadth: 1650mm), using Fuji Film pressure-sensitive sheet. Measured by Nitta pressure measurement PC system
Pressure between two rollers Measured by Nitta surface pressure measurement PC system
Coating film thickness Omron film thickness measurement system
Coating surface Measured by our own photosensitive agent coating applicator
for PCB. Measured by our original designed photosensitive
agent coating applicator for LCD.
Surface resistivity Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, surface resistivity measurement of antistatic and conductive rubber

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