Miyako Roller Industrial Company, Ltd.

Nano coating machine for thin film

For the photovoltaic cell glass Coating solution and coating machine development effective for effective improvement of photovoltaic generation

Highly accurate coating was actualized by using high precision surface-finished roller.


Examle1 : Coating equipment for solar panel (Ptent pending)

Feature of coating solution

  1. Addition of antistatic
  2. Coating hardness: Around 9H
  3. Water contact angle: 3 degrees (Dew condensation prevention on the glass surface)
  4. Improvement of light transmission:Improved around 88% to between 93 – 96% of clear glass
  5. Improvement of generating efficiency
  6. Significant cost reduction is possible because of unnecessary drying zone

Feature of coating equipment

  1. Addition of improved uniformity function of coating film
  2. Addition of improved stabilization function of coating film

Actualizing stabilization of film thickness by developing a special doctor roll Improving evenness / stabilization of coating film

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