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Non-tack Guide Roll (MS-90B)

Significant non-adhesive for the entire tack substrate, and the special order of conductive specification is possible on the intended use. In addition, anti-skid and anti side slip functions are available by changing the surface condition.

Non-tack guide Roll


Non-adhesive Un-measurable(Adhesive tape will not attach at all.)
Abrasion resistance 0mg (Taber’s abrasion test method) CS-17,500g/1000 rotations)
Heat resistance Continuous 220℃ MAX
Surface hardness HRC90
Coating thickness 5 - 200μm
Adhesiveness 100/100(Cross-cut adhesion test)


Interference elimination for auto-cutting/pasting of adhesive coating products. Conveying guide roll for improving performance of production line contacting with adhesive agent.


Application: Tack substrate conveying roll

Non-tack Guide Roll line

Baking finish processing by special resin coating on the surface based on ceramic thermal spray

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