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Nano coating machine for thin film

For the photovoltaic cell glass Coating solution and coating machine development effective for effective improvement of photovoltaic generation

Rubber roll

Generally, it is cylindrical form coated with rubber elasticity externally and is a roll to be able to unroll rubber material combined for each purpose of application.

Coating Roll (Accurate)

High performance rubber roll used for LCD manufacturing/liquid resist coater roll

Eatablishment of special reproducing abrasive technology

Abrasive technology to resilver the surface of roll as good as new

Enveronment-Responsive ordinary temperature DLC coating

Environment-Responsive ordinary temperature DLC coating Guide Roll for Conveying

Thick film fluorine resin coating

During recent years of speeding up, fluorine resin rolls have traditionally been used as ‘guide roll’, ‘draining liquid roll’ and ‘conveying roll’ in the process of acid and alkali solution processing before and after the process line of functional films or metallic foil and so on. ‘Conductive fluorine resin roll’ using conductive fluorine resin paint is also available depending on the intended use.

Roll for immersion tank:P.P Roll

This is a composite conveying roll using a general-purpose P.P pipe, and maximizing the features of P.P roll, (1) chemical resistance, (2) weather resistance, (3) excellent mechanical strength, and (4) excellent electrical insulating properties.

Lightweight and lengthy roll by composite
Composite carbon (CFRP) Roll

Because of excellent performance of the carbon roll( CFRP roll), ‘speed up’, ‘lightweight’, ‘wide breath’, ‘high accuracy’, ‘loss reduction’, ‘compact design’, ‘less deflection’, ‘load reduction’, ‘improving work environment’ and so on, are possible and various problems for metallic rolls will be improved.

Adhesion roll "Tackn-M"

Excellent at stability, heat resistance and durability by improving and processing special synthetic rubber, and flexible materials and soft adhesion bring out consistent dust free. Dust control from high to low in accordance with the intended use, easy to wash and stable for the long-term use.

Crease-free Roll

Considering low tension, gripping, and stress reduction at rolling on materials, it enables to stabilize rolling on materials and its quality.

Non-tack Guide Roll (MS-90B)

Significant non-adhesive for the entire tack substrate, and the special order of conductive specification is possible on the intended use. In addition, anti-skid and anti side slip functions are available by changing the surface condition.

Technical coating for general-purpose products

This is the fluorine resin coating developed for lubricant coating applying to traditional general-purpose products. Coating processing was done to follow stretching fluorine resin on the rubber roll surface by developing special surface finishing primer.

PVA Sponge Roll

Sponge roll with high water absorption rate and water supply performance during the manufacturing process of glass/printed circuit boards and so on. Various products are lined up such as high density HG sponge roll, precision PVA brush roll sponge block, sheet and so on for electronic material films and discs.

Unhardened heat-resistant water absorption sponge

2 different kinds of sponges of special polyurethane resin and olefin series Taking pride in excellent absorption, high quality and high accuracy

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