Miyako Roller Industrial Company, Ltd.

Environment-Responsive ordinary temperature DLC coating Gide Rolls for Conveying

Developed with Subsidy to Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises for Product Development etc.

DLC coating

Ordinary Temperature DLC Processed Materials

  • Surface of Rubber Roll (NBR Rubber)
  • Surface of CFRP Roll
  • Surface of Aluminum
  • Surface of Plastic Resin
  • Surface of Hard Chrome Plating
  • Surface of Engraved Roll
  • Ceramic Surface

Features (Optional functions available according to intended use)

  1. Low friction coefficient : 0.2 and under (crease free, preventing damage to the couterpart material)
  2. High hardness and abrasion resistance : DLC (around 1500 HV) is harder than the Hard Cr plating (around 900HV max),
    scratch-resistance, substitute for fluorine resin coating roll (harder than fluorine resin coating)
  3. Corrosiveness : Improved abrasion resistance / corrosiveness by DLC coating
  4. Super-hydrophilicity : Contact angle with water 20-30°possible (controllable film thickness of solution coating)
  5. Water repellency : Contact angle with water 90-100°possible (correspondent to the doctor blade)
  6. Electrical resistance value : 106 – 1010 Ω (anti-adhesion to dust)
  7. Friction reduction of CFRP : Prevention of abrasion dust
  8. Antibacterial effect provided
  9. Stain resistant (fluorinated DLC)


Conveying rolls for film manufacturing, printing industry, and paper printing industry, etc.

DLC example

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