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Lightweight and lengthy roll by composite Composite carbon(CFRP) Roll

Because of excellent performance of the carbon roll( CFRP roll), ‘speed up’, ‘lightweight’, ‘wide breath’, ‘high accuracy’, ‘loss reduction’, ‘compact design’, ‘less deflection’, ‘load reduction’, ‘improving work environment’ and so on, are possible and various problems for metallic rolls will be improved.

carbon roll
sus pipe

CFRP is used for the main body of the carbon roll, and metals such as aluminum, SUS, SS and so on for the journal part, and is joined with the axis by high-performance adhesive agent.

As well as a regular metallic roll, mounting thin-walled metal sleeve(AL/SUS), rubber lining, fluorine coating processing on the surface of rolls are available.


Intended use: Various conveying rolls

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