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PVA Sponge Roll

Sponge roll with high water absorption rate and water supply performance during the manufacturing process of glass/printed circuit boards and so on.

Various products are lined up such as high density HG sponge roll, precision PVA brush roll sponge block, sheet and so on for electronic material films and discs.

PVA Sponge Roll


High hydrophilicity and excellent water absorption. High abrasion resistance and good for chemical resistance and durability.

Less resistance because of continuous pore, and excellent filtration performance.

Changing pore size, form, or dye is available.


Water absorption material For draining after water washing/cooling at the manufacturing process of the printed circuit board, film, glass, plastic, food processing and so on.
Humidification / wet cloth/ impregnating material For humidification/wet cloth for adhesive agent, antifriction, static protection and so on.
For impregnating and supplying ink and so on.
Wiping-off material To wipe off in the clean rooms for the electronic industry, semiconductor industry, optical equipment and precision mechanical equipment and so on.
Filtering material Oil separation, oil strainer for various machine tools, water filter.


PVA Sponge Roll line

Capability of water absorbing roll = water absorption + drainage

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